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Swindon Scouts

Explorer Scout Badges

This page lists all of the badges and how to earn them. Click on the picture for more details.

Membership Award

This is the badge you receive when you are invested into the Explorer Unit and make your promise. 

Membership Badge

Participation Awards

You will receive a Participation Award for each year that you have been a member - from Beavers to Explorers. When you receive a Participation Award, you should remove the previous one.

Participation Badge 1Participation Badge 2Participation Badge 3Participation Badge 4Participation Badge 5Participation Badge 6
Participation Badge 7Participation Badge 8Participation Badge 9Participation Badge 10Participation Badge 11Participation Badge 12

Participation Awards

Moving On Awards

If you came up from the Scout Troop, then you should receive the Scouts to Explorers Moving On award. 

Moving On Award
Scouts to Explorers
Moving On Award

This award is presented to an Explorer when they move on to Scout Network 

Moving On Award
Explorers to Network
Moving On Award

Chief Scout's Platinum Award

The Chief Scout's Platinum Award is linked to the Bronze DofE Award.

Chief Scout's Platinum Award
Chief Scout's Platinum Award

Chief Scout's Diamond Award

The Chief Scouts Diamond Award is linked to the Silver DofE Award

Chief Scout's Diamond Award
Chief Scout's Diamond Award

Queen's Scout Award

The Queen's Scout Award is the highest award available It is linked to Gold DofE Award.

The Queen's Scout Award
The Queen's Scout Award

Activity Badges

There's 41 badges available to Explorers. 

Activity Centre Service Activity Badge
Activity Centre Service
Athletics Activity Badge
Camper Activity Badge
Caving Activity Badge
Chef Activity Badge
Climber Activity Badge
Creative Arts Activity Badge
Creative Arts
Fundraising Activity Badge
Global Issues Activity Badge
Global Issues
Hill Walker Activity Badge
Hill Walker
International Activity Badge
Leadership Activity Badge
Lifesaver Activity Badge
Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge
Media Relations and Marketing
Motor Sports Activity Badge
Motor Sports
Mountain Biking Activity Badge
Mountain Biking
Naturalist Activity Badge
Performing Arts Activity Badge
Performing Arts
Physical Recreation Activity Badge
Pioneer Activity Badge
Racquet Sports Activity Badge
Racquet Sports
Science and Technology Activity Badge
Science and
Skiing Activity Badge
Snowboarding Activity Badge
Street Sports Activity Badge
Street Sports
Survival Skills Activity Badge
Survival Skills
Water Activities Activity Badge
Water Activities

Staged Badges can be earned through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers

Air Activities Staged Activity Badge
Air Activities
Community Impact Staged Activity Badge
Community Impact
Digital Citizen Stage Activity Badge
Digital Citizen
Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge
Digital Maker
Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Emergency Aid
Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge
Hikes Away
Musician Staged Activity Badge
Nautical Skills Staged Activity Badge
Nautical Skills
Navigator Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away
Paddle Sports Staged Activity Badge
Paddle Sports
Sailing Staged Activity Badge
Swimmer Staged Activity Badge
Time on the Water Staged Activity Badge
Time on the Water

II you develop your skills further after you have gained an Activity Badge you can also gain an additional award, the Activity Plus, for any of the Activity Badges.

Activity Plus Badge
Activity Plus

if you learn how to be an instructor, you can gain an additional award for any Activity Badge:

Instructor Activity Badge

Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is a fantastic award for those Explorers who take part in expeditions abroad.

Explorer Belt
Explorer Belt

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