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Guide to writing an assessors report

When the participant has completed the minimum time requirements and achieved their goals, the DofE requires a written report which is a record of their progress. This is called an Assessorís Report.

As an Assessor you are responsible for writing a participantís Assessor Report. The Report makes up part of the evidence which is used to sign off a participantís section.

The Assessorís Report, which is written following the successful completion of a DofE programmeís section, is a written record of the section and should capture the participantís memorable and major achievements

What you should write

The feedback within the Assessorís Report must be personal to the individual and usually made up of several short paragraphs.

It is not acceptable to simply say ďhe/she satisfactorily completed the Volunteering sectionĒ.

At the end of the Assessorís Report it can be a good time to suggest that the participant progresses to the next level of the DofE or, if they have achieved their Gold Award, to volunteer with a local DofE group.

For more information on how to upload a report and some examples please click this link

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