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Become a Training Adviser

Why become a Training Adviser?

Do you enjoy meeting and helping people? Are you passionate about seeing good-quality Scouting? Could you be the support an adult new to Scouting is looking for?

The role of Training Adviser is enjoyed by many different kinds of people, for many different reasons:


The Training Adviser role can be as large or small as you like. You can choose how many learners you are able to support; this may be as few as one at a time. This flexibility makes it possible to have other roles in Scouting. There is also flexibility in the time you give; rather than a weekly commitment, you support your learner as and when needed, at a convenient time and place for you both.


Training Advisers undertake Module 25, Assessing Learning. This training can be given through a course in one day or over two evenings; alternatively, it is available as a workbook. It provides you with all you need to know and gives you all the skills necessary to take on that role. Training Advisers have found that, once in the role, they continue to learn from one another. Our local network of Training Advisers offer great support.

It's good to help

Training Advisers have found that they are in a position to help a person new to Scouting. They provide the opportunity to talk openly with someone who is often outside their Scout Group or team, about a variety of aspects around Scouting. The Training Adviser, through their role, values what adults are bringing to Scouting, recognises their prior learning and experience, and helps them thrive.


Training Advisers have found that, through their role of supporting, developing and encouraging learners, they gain more friends in Scouting. To someone who is new to the Movement, this friendship can be of great value. Many adults stay in Scouting because of the attachments they form with others.


Adults new to Scouting are full of enthusiasm and ideas, and bring a fresh approach. Training Advisers say they are encouraged by the learners's enthusiasm and enjoy having the opportunity to share ideas and experience. 



Swindon North is proud to have their Training Advisers - they are vital to our local training support network - and we're always looking for more to join and support adults through their appointments within Scouting.

You will be supported from the start by the Local Training Manager and Administrator. They will provide you with the resources you need to be an effective and knowledgable Training Adviser and will be on hand to help you out with the Training system.

So, if you hold a wood badge within Scouting or you're looking for a role that involves working with adults, then consider becoming a TA!
Please contact the  LTM who will happily talk to you about all aspects of the role.

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