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Swindon Scouts

District Badge


History of our district badge:

I designed the badge back in January 1997 when the Swindon Scout District boundaries were agreed.

Swindon North Scout District is the area of Wiltshire that lies between the railway line in Swindon to the South, and the River Thames in the North and encompasses the old Rural District of Highworth.

The railway engine is the White Horse Locomotive, taken from the old Borough of Swindon Arms.

The Arrowhead depicts Scouting.

The Castle and the Swan are taken from the Arms of the old Highworth District Council which used to cover the area surrounding, and to the North of Swindon.

The White Chevrons represent the River Thames to the North of the District and are taken from the old Borough of Thamesdown Arms.

Dave Prior ( A.D.C. General Duties )  


Imaged created by Paul Bennett, SL 2nd Stratton Scouts.

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