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Adult Training Modules

The adult training scheme is made up of the following modules and different roles have different training requirements.

The modules are split into three sections – Getting Started, Getting Going and Getting On.

Getting Started modules are compulsory and must be completed before a full appointment can be confirmed but other modules can be completed in any order. Section Leaders are required to complete the learning and validations for all Modules 1 - 19 (excluding 4) before a wood badge will be issued.

Getting Started

To be completed by all new adults to Scouting before full appointment can be confirmed.

Module Module Title Aim Learning Method
Essential Information To provide all adults in Scouting with the essential information needed to get started.
(01EX = for exec members)
Course or e-learning
e-learning (exec)
02 Personal Learning Plan A plan for an individual’s learning through the training scheme. Training Adviser
03 Tools for the Job (Leaders) To provide the basic information on the individual’s role and some practical help to get started. Course or e-learning
04 Tools for the Job (Manager) To provide key information about the individual’s role and where they can find further information and support. Course or e-learning

Getting Going

Module Module Title Aim Learning Method
06 Changes in Scouting To provide an overview of the Movement’s history and development. DVD and Quiz
07 Scouting for all To provide an introduction to equal opportunities and practical advice to make Scouting inclusive. Course or workbook
08 Skills of Leadership To cover the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective leader.


09 Working with adults To cover the underpinning functions to work effectively as a member of an adult team.


10 First Aid

To cover the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a first aid incident and provide basic first aid.


13 Growing the Section (Leaders) To cover ways in which an adult volunteering with a section can plan and contribute to the growth of their section and/or group. Course or workbook
19 International To provide an international focus appropriate to their section and appreciate the global nature of Scouting.


Getting On

Module Module Title Aim Learning Method
05 The Fundamentals of Scouting To explore the Fundamentals of Scouting and the Religious Policy; and consider their relationship with the quality programme delivered to young people. Course or e-learning
11 Administration To provide information and best practice to manage administrative tasks. Course or workbook
12A Delivering a Quality Programme To provide information about how we deliver quality Scouting to young people. Course or e-learning
12B Programme Planning To provide an opportunity to plan and review a sectional programme and generate programme ideas. (Module 12A must be completed before 12B)


14 Supporting Young People To identify and meet the needs of the young people within Scouting. Course or workbook
15 Promoting Positive Behaviour To promote positive behaviour in their sections. Course or workbook
16 Introduction to Residential Experiences To enable leaders to understand the purpose that residential experiences play in Scouting.


17 Running Safe Activities To enable adults to plan and run exciting, safe and developmental activities for young people. Course or workbook
18 Practical Skills To enable adults to gain and develop practical skills for the benefit of young people in their section.


Managers Modules

These modules are to be completed for all Managers within Scouting and are not a requirement for Section Leaders to complete.

Module Module Title Aim Learning Method
21 Growing the Movement (Managers) To cover the way in which a manager can help develop the Movement and facilitate the growth of Scouting in their area. Course or workbook
23 Safety for Managers and Supporters To provide managers with an understanding of the processes and system in space to ensure safe Scouting. Course or workbook
24 Managing Adults To cover the skills and knowledge required to provide effective management of adults. Course or workbook
25 Assessing Learning To provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to effectively support adults in the Scout Training Scheme,


26 Supporting Adults To cover the skills and knowledge required to enable supporters to provide effective support to adults in sections. Course or workbook


In additional to completing the modules listed above that is required for your role you must also complete two additional certificates:
Safeguarding e-learning – please note: Safeguarding certificates last five years and your next update should be a course.
Safety Training e-learning – please note: you must have a valid safety certificate at every role review.

Other Roles

Certain roles are not required to complete all of the above modules, below is a list of a couple of roles and their training requirements. If your role is not listed please contact the LTM.

Module               Compulsory Module(s)                       Additional (recommended)
Sectional Assistant
              Modules 1 and 3                       Module 10, Safeguarding, Safety
Executive Committee Members               Module 1EX                       Module 11, Safeguarding, Safety
Occasional Helper
Scout Active Support members
Network Members 
              Module 1
                      Module 1, 10, Safeguarding, Safety
                      Module 10, Safeguarding, Safety
                      Module 10

If you have any questions or queries relating to any of the information above please contact the Local Training Manager

Training e-learning certificate not printing?

Please see below:

The Scout Association e-learning is compatible with the following browsers on desktop computers- Internet Explorer v11, Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (v24 or higher) and Safari (v5 or higher, OS X only). For handheld devices, e-learning will operate with the following systems- iOS (min v5) and Android (min v4) supported in Safari iOS and Google Chrome for Android.

Please ensure you are using one of the browsers listed, using an older browser may result in the certificate page generating a blank page.

Module 1 e-learning also requires an internet connection speed of 512Kbps. To view the content without the video a connection speed of 256Kbps is recommended. If you are in an area with a low internet connection speed this may be reason why the certificate page is unable to load.

Once the e-learning is complete, the certificate opens as a web page, using a temporary link. This link expires and cannot be accessed later. If you are unable to print the certificate immediately, it is advisable to take a screen grab of the page or save the certificate as a .PNG file to retrieve later.

Where you are having difficulties in generating the certificate, you may wish to take a screen shot of the final page prior to selecting the certificate as proof of learning. This screen can be printed or e-mailed and shared with your Training Adviser when you meet to discuss the learning and validate the module.

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