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  • Well isn't this a site for sore eyes!

    Author: Mike Mulcock | Date: 4th March 2016

    Hello! And welcome to the first blog post from Brunels Bandits!  You will have to bear with me as this is new to me and im not 100% on what I'm doing... 

    We hope to update this blog on a monthly(ish) basis to keep everyone up to date on what we are up to - so make sure to check back regularly!  So the story so far...

    We have been given our own access (the fools!) to edit the Network pages for network section!  We really want to show off what we get up too, and attract as many new members as we can - so hopefully you will find the changes to your liking and useful!

    For those people looking to join network you can follow this link to take you to the online registration form (okay i haven't create it at the time on writing this post - my bad, its the next thing on the list)
    EDIT: Here is the link! Sign Me Up!

    You can always follow us on twitter (@brunelsbandits)
    Or find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/894179110700774/)

    Coming up this month:

    #EquinoxBivvy - As you may or may not known, the Spring Equinox takes place this month, and to celebrate we are planning an adventure!  On the weekend of the 19/20 March, we will be joining Network groups across the UK bivvying out under the stars, before setting out on a brisk walk in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.  Check out Next months blog to find out if the weather held out!

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